Chat Policies Edit

Swearing is allowed.

But STAHP RIGHT THERE, SANIC! We don't allow slurs.

Don't be rude to other users. You're special to be allowed here at YTW's World, we don't want to drive anyone away.

Roleplays are allowed, but keep the SRPs (sex roleplays, if yer dumb) to PMs. Some people would be grossed out at an RP of your OC fucking Mettaton.

Please do not troll. This is basically annoying others to see how they react. Please don't.

DO NOT make a sockpuppet account to avoid a chat ban. If you feel the ban was unfair, report to me and you may get unbanned.

Image/Video Policies Edit

Please don't upload images and never use them.

No images/videos that are

  • Very violent or gory
  • Pornographic
  • Or contain slurs, racism, TBA

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